With the tenth episode, the curtain fell on the first season of TWD: World Beyond, the second spin off series of the franchise. As we have already pointed out from the first three episodes of the season, the series showed from an early age that it will not be able to convince us.

TWD:World Beyond | Evolution elements, plot stagnation

With the end of the season, unfortunately, we seem to be confirming.
Despite our hopes for an even lurking approach to the “socio-political” background of TWDuniverse through Civil Republic, the series remained true to the original announcements of its creators and was limited exclusively to a post apocalyptic teenage drama.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Will Only Run Two Seasons

Our hopes that more would be revealed about the Civil Republic and the action of its military, the CRM, have been dashed. Any reports were more than meager, with absolutely no hint to leave any interesting legacy for the sequel. The only real evidence given to us was what justified the existence of the same series. That is, the Civil Republic has begun a “kidnapping” of brilliant young minds to ensure the salvation of the human species, given that all studies show that this will disappear within the next thirty years.
Therefore, in order to serve this plot, it was considered necessary a series that focuses on the teenagers of the “New World”, through which the minds that will save him will emerge.

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In an attempt to justify the existence of the series with more convincing arguments, one could argue that TWD: World Beyond is in fact a reminder of the post apocalyptic situation faced by the characters of all three series. The fact that we have been begging the TWD universe for ten years to grow in a limited way to the various character groups scattered across the American continent has led us to take the survival of the human species for granted, no matter how many are lost along the way. TWD: World Beyond is coming to ring the alarm. Nothing has been judged and with the current data humanity is on the verge of extinction.

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Elton’s mother’s notes, apart from a lost mother’s emotional legacy to her son, seem to have been at stake in the series from the start, namely the imminent extinction of humanity. In front of it, the Civil Republic seems to be at a dead end. And the limited number of scientists left seems to exacerbate the problem. Civil Republic is therefore called upon to find the new brilliant minds that will be trained by what is left of the scientific community, in order to continue the research to prevent extinction as soon as the old guard has mastered.

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Obviously, we are not given any data on the research of scientists collected by the Civil Republic, among which is the father of the two girls. Is this a cure? Are these more effective methods of dealing with zombies? Unknown.

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And the revelation of this perspective is achieved with an admittedly good plot twist that gave life to the otherwise “lazy” series we watched.
The double board played by Huck was beautifully revealed, although it was based on the much-played motif of mother-daughter with a missing husband-father (will this be somehow connected to Huck’s choice to completely dismantle her unit to save the citizens?). It was actually built on a series of twists that gave at least one good episode in the series, in which we did not limit ourselves to how much Iris irritates us.

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In summary, with a lot of searching and reading behind the most hidden pitfalls of the first season, one could argue that there is a dim interest in the series. Unfortunately, however, the series is characterized by a – impossible to overcome – laziness. It would be much more interesting a teenage drama within the walls of the Civil Republic, despite this unnecessary placement of four teenagers in the deserts, where we suffer as spectators for every kilometer of their journey.

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Is there any hope for the second season?

(without having read the comics)

It would be good not to expect much for the Civil Republic through the reunion of Hope with her father, because we will be disappointed. The reunion, as has already been said, will take place in a secret research content facility, in which CRM is most likely to act as a watchdog. Civil Republic’s aspirations will be largely covered by the “dynamics” of Hope’s relationship with her father, against the background of the new relationship of the latter that we saw in the tenth episode of the first season. Opponents led by Will, who made their appearance in the tenth episode, are more likely to lure Felix and Iris into another pointless wandering, never getting where they want to go. If the series had prospects we would dare to guess what the Civil Republic is really investigating, but from what we have seen now we would go bucket. For the record, however, we would say that the absence of any reference to treatment, the way the Civil Republic treated Campus Colony from the beginning of the season, its militaristic (CR’s) nature, the dissidents could lead to the revelation that the solution to the salvation of the human species is to exterminate the zombies through the development of a nuclear program.

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