With three more episodes of the sixth season of “Fear The Walking Dead” on air, we begin to wonder if the initially low budget spin off series of the franchise is slowly taking the reins of TWDUniverse.

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As we learned a while ago, the flagship of the franchise, “The Walking Dead”, is coming to an end with the eleventh season that will start sometime in 2021 -covid19 allowing- and will end, fortunately, in 2022 , as it will consist of 22 episodes. At the same time, where we thought the franchise was going to close with the Rick movie trilogy, after the end of the TWD series, the creators gave us another spin off series, “TWD: World beyond”, for which, while initially was planned to be limited to two seasons, there are thought to continue further (regardless of whether it is thrown from everywhere).

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In this “completion” scenario, then, comes “FearTWD” and makes an unexpectedly dynamic fixation in the franchise:

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In this case, deviating a little from this approach, we would like to dwell more on the self-existence of “FearTWD”.

Already, from the beginning of the series, what had picued our interest were the issues that seemed to be tackled. Unlike “TWD”, “FearTWD” started from the time of the outbreak of the virus and addressed issues such as the general population’s response to the first outbreaks of the pandemic and the basic needs that arose with the collapse of civilization, such as the lack of water. In addition, there was no lack of deeper quests, such as the reflection of the economy and religion of the earlier civilization in a post-apocalyptic setting.

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Beyond that, however, the truth is that “FearTWD” was ultimately limited to a journey in search of a permanent home, with small obstacles, due -in our opinion- to the small budget of the series. Morgan’s “move” to “FearTWD”, although for many it was seen as a push of the series towards TWD, actually served, at least initially, the time leap that the creators wanted to achieve and left behind the issues mentioned above and made TWD stand out.

In case Isabelle did not appear in the fifth season, we would believe that the series is also slowly going to be erased. The above appearance, however, gave the first impression that the series is not over yet, leaving us wondering what is to follow. The fragmentary appearance in the two then and now three series of the CRM leaves us a suspicion of convergence that is still unknown if it will be achieved in the first place, but also where: Will there be a possible merging of the series? will there be a new series? in Rick’s trilogy? in another movie saga?

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The second stigma that the series is not over yet was the end of the fifth and the beginning of the sixth season. “FearTWD” finally escapes from the low budget villains of previous seasons and finally acquires a really structured risk. The characters of the series are trapped scattered in a network of communities run by Ginny, which is nothing like what we have encountered so far in “FearTWD”. The magnitude of what they have to deal with in itself gives the series a perspective, which is further enhanced by Ginny’s interest in “Al helicopters”. Moreover, even this lightning appearance of CRM in the third episode and in a big city full of survivors, gives a new breath, especially from the point of view of adding new characters to the plot, in a setting with already many new candidates.

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The sixth season already looks very interesting, without having met all the characters of the series yet. The constant addition of new characters, the evolution of the plot in different places and the choice of a really strong obstacle, such as Ginny, between their reunion, foretells a quality leap of the series compared to what we have seen so far.

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Given the above and in combination with the fact that “TWD” is going to close, while “World Beyond” is steadily moving, from the beginning, towards disappointment, is it “FearTWD”‘s era? The data so far show this.